Pros of vinyl flooring

Every material has its pros and cons, and vinyl flooring is no exception. It is impossible not to dwell on this issue: it is of interest to potential buyers in the first place – without this it is impossible to make a decision to purchase a product.

Durability and abrasion resistance

It is first and most important advantage of the flooring. The undoubted advantage of luxury vinyl flooring in Okemos, MI is its high strength and resistance to abrasion. This is especially true for quartz-vinyl coatings. It is these qualities of quartz-vinyl that make it so popular with buyers. The material is endowed with similar properties due to the polyvinyl chloride itself, which is characterized by high strength and at the same time plasticity, and the addition of quartz sand.


The vinyl covering does not crumble and does not crack, is not afraid of falling heavy objects, dragging furniture and women’s heels. Even the cheapest quartz-vinyl flooring can last ten years, and the more expensive coating will not lose its attractiveness even after three to four decades.

Each manufactured floor covering is assigned a certain wear resistance class, depending on its strength characteristics:

Household vinyl coating of 23-31 classes, having a minimum thickness, is intended for finishing apartments and residential buildings. The service life is about 5-6 years.

Vinyl flooring for commercial use grades 32-42 is designed for laying in offices, small shops and other premises with relatively high traffic. It is characterized by a large thickness, increased resistance to abrasion, and the presence of antistatic properties. Service life – an average of 10 to 15 years.

Class 43 special coating is intended for premises with a particularly high mechanical load on the floor – sports facilities, supermarket trading floors, production workshops, garages, etc.

It makes no sense to purchase a commercial coating if you plan to lay it in a private house – the abrasion resource of household vinyl will be quite enough. Buying “with a margin” will cause an unjustified going beyond the budget allocated for repairs, because the higher the wear resistance class of the flooring, the higher its cost.