Know About Data Centre Hong Kong In Detail

The data centre hong kong is placed in the Tseung Kwan Industrial Estate that is developed via Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks only to assist and maintain the position of Hong Kong as amongst the leading world’s economic centers.


  • It is Hong Kong’s largest carrier cloud-neutral data center, with about 70,000 square meters of world-class base services
  • Adjacent to Tseung Kwan cable landing station, close to both other main submarine cables landing station and Hong Kong Stock’s Exchange hosting means
  • Extensive range of cloud, colocation, and managed services
  • The leading example of the environmentally sustainable data center incorporating creative design initiatives that are aimed at achieving energy efficiency in the longer-term
  • Stage 1 has gone on to achieve the LEED, i.e., the Leadership in the Energy and Environmental Design Platinum rating. The data center is even targeting Hong Kong’s Green Building Council’s Plus New Building Gold rating

The components of the Datacenter

The components of the Datacenter comprise computing hardware, system security, network equipment such as routers, storage, management system including the power management equipment, applications, and software, including an uninterruptible supply of power.

How do data centers operate?

Well, Data centers include virtual or physical servers that are linked externally and internally through communication equipment and networking to store, access, and transfer digital info. Every server has got a processor, memory, and storage space, similar to the personal computer, however, with further power. The Datacenters utilize software to collect the servers and then go on to distribute the workload amongst them.

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